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; @package: language texts for the official page of a language

; @author
; Name: Sigrid Suski & Radek Suski, Sigsiu.NET GmbH
; Email: sobi[at]
; Url: https://www.Sigsiu.NET

; @copyright Copyright (C) 2006 - 2018 Sigsiu.NET GmbH ( All rights reserved.
; @license GNU/GPL Version 3
; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3
; as published by the Free Software Foundation, and under the additional terms according section 7 of GPL v3.
; See and

; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

; $Author: SobiPro Translation Team at Transifex

SP.OP.LANGUAGE = "Idioma Español"
SP.OP.COUNTRY = "España"
SP.OP.INTROTEXT = "Paquete de idioma español (es-ES) para SobiPro"
SP.OP.DESCRIPTION = "Descarga el paquete de idioma español (es-ES) para SobiPro y los nuevos archivos de idioma para las aplicaciones de SobiPro."
SP.OP.TEAM = "Equipo de idioma español"
SP.OP.TEAM_TITLE = "Spanish Translation Team"
SP.OP.TEAM_ACTIVE = "Active team members:"
SP.OP.TEAM_FORMER = "Former team members:"
SP.OP.HELP="Help Needed!"
SP.OP.JOIN="Join the Spanish Team"
SP.OP.JOIN_TX="Join the [Spanish Team] at Transifex (account required)"
SP.OP.APP_FILES = "Language Files for Applications"
SP.OP.APP_INSTRUCTIONS = "The applications for SobiPro always include all language files, which were available at the time of the last release of the application. Translations made later can be downloaded separately. Do not use the files available in Transifex as they do not work correctly with Joomla 3.7+."
SP.OP.APP_DOWNLOAD = "Download the latest uploaded application language files"
SP.OP.APP_FILES_FOLDER = "Copy the downloaded language files to your server into the folder /language/es-ES/."
SP.OP.APP_HINT = "Please note, some applications have two language files."
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SP.OP.REMARKS = "Install the language package in <strong>SobiPro Application Manager</strong> or via <strong>SobiPro Repository!</strong>"
SP.OP.REMARKS2 = "<strong>Do NOT remove</strong> the Spanish language files delivered and installed with SobiPro."
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SP.OP.GIT_DESCRIPTION="Spanish language package for SobiPro (es-ES) and the newest language files for SobiPro applications."
SP.OP.GIT_OP="Official page"
SP.OP.GIT_OP_LINK="Find more information about this language package on [the official language page]"
SP.OP.GIT_CREATE="Creating a language package"
SP.OP.GIT_STRUCTURE="More about the structure and content of a language package for SobiPro can be found in [Creating a Language Package]"