Basic SP-GeoMap Field

The SobiPro Basic SP-GeoMap Field extends the types of possible custom fields with a field type for showing the location of an entry on a Google Map.

While editing an entry, It creates coordinates based of the geo-location of the current IP address of the author, or of the entered address. Thereupon the entry will get a map with a marker on its location in the details view.

Find more information about the Basic SP-GeoMap Field in our documentation: https://www.sigsiu.net/center/applications/1692-basic-spgeomap-field where you can also download it as a club member.

You will get professional support in our ticket system https://www.sigsiu.net/support or community support in our community forum https://www.sigsiu.net/support/community-area.

If you thought you found a bug, please open a new issue https://code.sigsiu.net/Sigsiu.NET/BasicGeoMapField/issues/new.